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Online ordering now available.

We've worked with Over The Edge consistently for the last two years on a variety of projects, both large and small. They show care in everything they do, from prompt replies for quotes, to consistently delivering on time and on budget. Our sales rep Mingna is our secret weapon. Thanks for being on our team!

Saul Brown | Saul Good Gift Co.

Over the Edge is a fantastic shop. Not only is everything they make high quality, it’s fairly priced and so fast. Everyone at their team makes sure that the prints are done right. I decide to print with them because if I make a mistake they will tell me and help me fix it, rather than if I do it online than they don’t and after waiting so long you find out there is a mistake and have to reorder, wasting time and money. I highly recommend these guys! From business card to post card to display signs and other marketing materials they do it all!

Love the team at Over the Edge! They are always friendly and their designs are beautiful. They are so accommodating to our non-profit's sometimes very tight deadlines, and the printing is always perfect.


Thank you for submitting! Our team is working on getting your quote ready. Please be sure to keep an eye out for it in your email. 

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